Relationship Therapy

Relationship therapy – also referred to as ‘marriage counseling’ or ‘relationship counseling’.

The therapeutic process allows for individuals to recognise what has brought them here and how they move forward, in the best possible way. This means that couples can learn to communicate better – their needs, fears, hopes and feelings.

The fast paced world that we live in rarely offers time for us to slow down and convey thoughts and feelings effectively. Each day presents us with different challenges and demands, leaving us with less and less time for us to process information any greater than a headline. In time, we lose the skill to share information in the most authentic and constructive way. I offer a safe space for the couple to explore what has happened, is happening and how they are feeling about it, and crucially, the ways in which they can relay this information to one another.

Infidelity and betrayal seem to be the main reasons why couples contact me in the first instance. When they first enter the room, they bring along a lot of blame, guilt, despair, frustration and fear. Often, people look at betrayal as the ultimate reason for going to therapy, as if approaching each other required a breaking point.

Conflict can often stem from ineffective communication. Conflict itself, although often feared and avoided, is a natural element of any relationship. It’s impossible to consistently agree with another person – after all, there is no one else exactly like us. Some of my clients dread any occurrence of conflict and work very hard to evade it, often at their own cost. This can have a significant effect, not only on how the relationship develops but also how each individual perceives themselves within it.

I offer a place of calm and comfort to explore how betrayal occurred and what effects it has had on the people involved – separately and together as a unit.