Why ego therapy?

Although the term ‘ego’ is commonly used to describe an inflated sense of self, its origins refer to a rational, solution – focused part of our personality, often set on gaining satisfaction or pleasure. To me, the concept of ego therapy means a search for a person’s own strength through their acceptance of self. Clients invite me into their stories to help understand and edit them as we go along to eventually discover they feel able to make own decisions with much less fear and more conviction. Throughout this journey, we examine individuals’ patterns of behaviour and their origins, most of which were learnt as a result of their experiences, including trauma. We give room to their condition, facilitating awareness of the role that life events have played in where they are today.

Although most people turn to therapy due to significant turning points like loss or bereavement, betrayal, conflict or a perceived defeat, others recognise their need to begin psychotherapeutic treatment due to feeling bewildered, unable to deal with unexpected low mood or experiencing anxiety. Most notice changes in their behaviours, including more frequent arguments, increased avoidance of tasks or proximity to others, or sudden inability to control their routine and schedule. No matter how you encounter change, ego therapy offers a bespoke approach to supporting your emotional development and personal transformation. 


Professional credentials:

  • Fellow of the National Council of Psychotherapists
  • BSc (Hons) in Psychology
  • MSc in Applications of Clinical Psychology
  • Fully insured and subject to strict professional codes of conduct and ethics
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Alex Iga Golabek MSc BSc (Hons) FNCP

Ego Therapy Clinic Ltd.